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The kitchen faucet is an essential element of your kitchen: Both technical and aesthetic, it brings the “final touch” to your space, therefore the choice is very important. Also as it is handled all day, it must therefore be reliable and robust. At Apex Plumbing Décor we understand your needs and present a variety of selection of quality products with common sense in mind among the most famous brands.

We will have the choice between:

The kitchen sink mixer faucet:
It is distinguished by both its hot and cold water handles and can be installed on the sink beside or can be wall mounted.

The kitchen single faucet (with or without spray):
A single lever operates the hot water and cold water. Thermostatic, it enables great savings of water because the desired temperature is obtained quickly. As the mixer, it can be installed on the sink, beside or can be wall mounted. It has two functions: one to adjust the water flow and the other to set the temperature accurately.

Some kitchen faucets may have its suite, which could include soap dispenser, prep faucet, bar faucet, instant hot faucet, filtration system and air switch.

Enjoy some of our collections below.

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